Our Journey

We began this journey back in 2014, when my daughter was almost turning 3-years old. I had recently read about homeschooling and I was so interested in learning more. I began researching, getting books, and reading a lot about it.

I was lead to the Letter of the Week Preschool Curriculum and I began using it with my daughter. She loved it. She enjoyed the one on one attention, the activities, coloring, and learning! We were able to bond on a different kind of level, and we were enjoying our time learning together!

We moved to Amman, Jordan for the next year, and I had gotten the Calvert Preschool Curriculum and we completed it within the 9 month school year calendar. You can find a glimpse of our journey on through this blog and more on our Instagram page.

After that time in Jordan, we decided to settle and moved back to NC. We had our 3rd baby, a beautiful princess, in July. And we moved into our home in September. Meanwhile, we were adjusting to new life here and starting over. It was a big transition, but we all settled in pretty quickly. Life began to unfold and we were ready to continue our journey again.

We mainly did schooling in the morning, and later afternoons were filled with activities. Some days were only filled with activities, and other days were filled with structure and schooling. I’m the type of mom that really needs a structure, whether it’s teaching, learning, doing anything around, it needs to have its time, and time well spent. I need to know when, what, where, and how things will sort out.

I was able to gather various curriculums to teach my kids this year. Here is the following list of things I’ve prepared:

  1. English: All About Reading (Level 1)
  2. Math: Math Mammoth OR Singapore Math
  3. Science: Exploring Nature with Children
  4. Social Studies:
  5. Arabic: A curriculum I got from the good ol’ days and a few workbooks from the local Islamic bookstore
  6. Islamic Studies: Darrusalam Islamic Studies
  7. Quran: Include Al-Qaidah Al-Noraniyah, and “Short Surahs” Book that has translation/interpretations

It was a great start. We really enjoyed learning together the period that I was able to. My daughter started reading at the age of 4.5 years old, and we are working on Islamic Studies every day, and doing Quran as frequently as possible too.


I did send her to a Private Charter School down the street from where we live. After she turned 5, she had noticed everyone going to “school.” She reached to a point where she was convinced about homeschooling but was VERY curious about “what do they do there?!” stage. She knew that deep inside, I wanted to do homeschooling with her, and continue on learning together. But, she was so ready to go to school. She got accepted within 2 days, and about a week before school had started. This is a newly built school, new administration, new students, and a new environment. Its bound to be something great then! Right? I mean, all efforts have been put into making this school stand strong. So this is what we hoped. The curriculums that they use are Core Knowledge and Singapore Math. This was actually a option for me when I was debating which math curriculum I should get this year for her. And so, she insisted on going to school every single day. We talked about it, and we found that this may be something good for her this year. We will take it one step at a time, one year at a time, and take things slowly and gradually. Let her explore, and have her see what a school environment is. She loves it. She is enjoying every moment in the Kindergarten classroom. She has been working so hard, acing all her assessments, and doing a wonderful job on everything. She is strong. She’s learning a lot about relationships. She’s seeing a whole new environment in her eyes. She’s one of the youngest in her class and she is exceeding expectations. By the time school ends, she will still be 5. To me, personally, she hasn’t lost anything, but rather gained this year an amazing experience.

With that choice of keeping her in school this year, I was able to refresh and think about focusing on my son. I started with my daughter when she was around his age too, and so that’s what we’re doing. We are doing the following together now:

  1. Jolly Phonics (all 7 workbooks, including rhymes)
  2. Math Workbooks (Prek Level)
  3. Quran (Just reading together)
  4. MyDeen Magazines
  5. Arabic (Letters)
  6. Science

We still attend our regular weekly co-ops, as well as an Ummi and Me class at the Masjid weekly, and a short weekly class at Learning Center.