Goals and Mission

Our Mission:

To grow young, independent, creative, successful Muslim children, who will love nature and God’s creations, who will value knowledge and understanding, and who will love on another regardless of their background.


Since my children are still young, we’re in the process of building their foundation to complete our mission.

We intend for our children to Learn how to:

In Our World:

  • Explore their surrounding world
  • Explore and travel to various destinations
  • To stand up for what’s right and what’s wrong
  • To make proper decisions
  • To think outside the box
  • To treat everyone equally and with care, generosity, and kindness
  • Socialize with everyone, of various ages, and know how to deal with all types of people


  • Pray properly
  • Say and implement Dua’as
  • Read from the Quran
  • Memorize



  • Speak, Read, and Write Arabic fluently
  • Speak, Read, and Write English fluently
  • Advance in Mathematics